Here are some products, tools, services and information that I recommend to and share with my clients. They may be able to help you during your financial freedom journey.

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homepagefreeconsultResource: CuraDebt

CuraDebt’s has a team of representatives that are qualified to provide help to both individuals and small businesses who need help with their unsecured debt or IRS tax debt. The tax team has over 140 years experience with a considerable amount of it working for the IRS or State taxing bureaus. CuraDebt has an in-house debt relief program that is designed to help during times of financial hardship and save as much money as possible with your unsecured debt. Call 855-778-2331 to get your FREE Consultation.



credit-sesameResource: Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is a web based freemium tool that provides consumers with a free credit score. No credit card or subscription is required to register or obtain the credit score, which is updated monthly.






madam-money-minute-logoResource: Madam Money Minutes

Madam Money Minutes provide short helpful tips to help you reach your personal finance and business goals.






Resource: Twitter Chat – #CashChat

#CashChat is one of the top five weekly interactive personal finance chats on Twitter every Friday from 12pm – 1pm eastern time. Participants and guests type answers to questions from the host, @MsMadamMoney, using the social media site Twitter. The focus of #CashChat is to help people learn tips and strategies to improve or enhance their money and credit management for healthier financial relationships.