If you have a quick question, click here for a 15 Minute Quick Financial Question Session for only $39 (Value $79).



financial-freedomSign up for a one-on-one Financial Coaching Session if YOU …

  • Need help creating a Budget (Spending / Savings Plan) and sticking to it.
  • Need help with Debt Consolidation or Elimination.
  • Are considering Bankruptcy but not sure if it is the answer.
  • Want to learn how to Save more for emergencies, opportunities, child’s college or your future.
  • Want to be Debt Free.
  • Need help with dealing with Debt & Bill Collectors.

Select the best session for you and let’s get started!


Power Hour Financial Coaching
$197Value $299
  • 45 Minute Phone Session to Ask as many questions as you can in within that timeframe, OR Discuss a specific financial situation
  • You have a specific financial issue or concern that you need help resolving 
Medium-Term Financial Coaching
$999Value $1,499
  • Access to 90 Day Virtual Financial Coaching Program, Personalized Spending & Savings Plan, Two (2) 60-minute One on One phone or Virtual / Face-to-Face sessions, with email access between appointments, for full support to make significant progress on a specific area or multiple areas of your finances.
  • You need an accountability coach and advice on several financial matters; like getting out of debt, improving your credit, learning to budget, saving more money, financing a college education, preparing for retirement or starting your business.
Long-Term Financial Coaching & Consulting
$1,999Value $2,499
  • Private One On One Financial Coaching for 60 Days, Access to 90 Day Virtual Financial Coaching Program, Four (4) 60-minute One on One phone or Virtual/Face-to-Face sessions, with email access between coaching sessions, to help to optimize and enhance your money and financial situation and create a wealth building plan to achieve overall financial security.
  • You want intensive and intimate support with long-term consulting to reach a specific long-term financial goal, stay on track with money matters, or take your finances to the next level.

* Payment plan available for Short, Medium and Long Term Financial Coaching program. Email for details.

What you need to know

Need an Accountability Partner?

Many people know what to do with their money, but they need that extra push from a knowledgeable professional to help them get to the next level. As your financial coach, I will be that accountability partner and be with you on your journey to reaching your financial goals.

Need a Simple Budgeting System?

A budget is not meant to be restrictive. A budget it meant to help you reach your financial goals. I will help you create a realistic and workable spending and savings plan to ensure your financial success.

Have Questions?

Sometimes we don’t execute because we don’t have enough information. Make sure you ask questions. Don’t let not knowing (because you didn’t ask) keep you from reaching your goals. My team and I are here to help you.

Why should I hire a Financial Coach?

A Financial Coach will help you get on the right track and provide you with the tools necessary to execute. Having a professional that you trust will make the journey to financial freedom less intimidating. So, Let’s get started!

What is a Financial Coach?

A Financial Coach is a personal finance professional or expert that provides one on one sessions with clients to assist them with areas such as getting out of debt, saving for retirement, budgeting, credit, increasing income, saving for college, avoiding bankrupty, smart money management and business growth. Financial Coaches play an active role in helping clients practice and master positive financial behaviors.

How do I know if I need a Financial Coach?

If you have tried to fix your financial situation but were unsuccessful or unable to maintain the positive management behaviors, then a Financial Coach would be a great investment in your financial fitness.

Are there Payment Plans Available for the Financial Coaching Program?

YES! There are payment plan for the Short, Medium and Long Term Financial Coaching Programs. The Short-Term Financial Coaching Program can be split into 2 Payment of $98.50 + processing fee. The Medium and Long Term Financial Coaching Plans can be split in 2 or 3 Payment Plans. Contact us directly at to set up you payment plan to get started today.

Will the 15 Minute Quick Question Session be enough?

If you have a general or specific financial question, the 15 Minute Quick Financial Question Session may be sufficient. This session is designed to give you a quick professional and unbiased answer for a financial question.

If you find that you have several questions or you need more than a quick answer to help you through a situation, you should consider the Power Hour or one of the Financial Coaching Programs.

Who will be my Financial Coach?

Great question! Tarra Jackson, Madam Money, conducts majority of the Financial Coaching Sessions.

However, her team of experienced Financial Coaches may be assigned to clients to assist them with quick answers or power hour sessions.

Are there any other options for financial information?

Absolutely! has loads of free financial tips via the blog at

How soon can I get started?

There’s no time like the present. That means Today! Select your Coaching Option and schedule your session.

You will feel a sense of relief after the session, knowing that you don’t have to do this alone and you have support! We are looking forward to working with you!

Ready to experience Financial Success?

Tarra Jackson, Madam Money, is a personal finance expert, radio and television personality, and the author of bestselling book, Financial Fornication: Avoid Financial & Credit Dis-Ease. Tarra uses her financial institution executive and personal experience to help consumers navigate through their financial transitions towards their financial success.

She has appeared on several radio show segments, including the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, as well as numerous podcasts and featured in over 100 digital and print magazines and blogs sharing her story and teaching millions about successful money management.

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