Welcome to #CashChat Twitter Chat

#CashChat is one of the top five weekly interactive personal finance chats on Twitter every Friday from 12pm – 1pm eastern time. Participants and guests type answers to questions from the host, @MsMadamMoney, using the social media site Twitter. The focus of #CashChat is to help people learn tips and strategies to improve or enhance their money and credit management for healthier financial relationships.

INSTRUCTIONS:  To participate, simply click the MENU button in the tchat.io menu bar below, click on the SIGN IN button and connect with your Twitter account. You are now able to participate in the chat by typing in the text area then click “Tweet” to post your comments.  Have fun!

For info on the upcoming Week’s chat follow @MsMadamMoney on Twitter.

After the chat: Follow the people who you found interesting, continue the conversation if warranted. Follow @MsMadamMoney.

Just a Note about Chats and Twitter Troubles: Sometime Twitter’s search function is running slow, either due to the volume of people using the service, or maintenance issues. Sometimes it can take a full minute or two for a tweet you sent to show, if this is the case, we persevere. Because of this we use the following services to host the Twitter Chat:



If the slowdown is long due to technical issues, we may try switching to a different service or we may cancel or postpone the chat. If this is the case, be sure to watch the tweets of our host @MsMadamMoney for tips on what we are doing.

We hope this page will help to participate in the next #cashchat each Friday on Twitter.  Our goal is to help you have healthier financial relationships through money and credit management education, tips and techniques shared by experts.

Good Luck!